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Above 1,000 ha of land, 3 reservoirs polluted by coal production waste in Jumgal district

Above 1,000 ha of land, 3 reservoirs polluted by coal production waste in Jumgal district

More than 1,000 hectares of land and 3 reservoirs are polluted with waste coal in the areas of Kaykalak and Tokson Teke located in Bayzak village of Jumgal district of Naryn region, said Bayzak rural municipality governor Adyl Saparov on August 14 during the local government meeting discussing preparedness for the upcoming autumn and winter.

Waste coal got into the water due to the improper operation of coal mining companies at the Kara Keche coal field and dumping of mining waste last year, he explained.

Adyl Saparov said that no measures were taken to prevent the pollution. “Coal mining companies Sharbon, Ak Jol Komur, Kara Keche extract coal in large quantities, the work is going well. But they don't pay attention to environmental pollution and waste storage is arranged disorderly. The question of mining is not controlled and environmental supervision is not carried out. Shepherds cannot graze their cattle on pastures because of this situation,” he said.

One of the coal mining companies earned 22 million soms last year, but didn't provide any assistance to local communities, the governor added.

Coal companies produced 169,902 tons of coal in Jumgal district for the period of first six months of 2014.

In the same period of the last year coal mining companies produced 105,860 tons of coal. This speaks of growth of coal production by 165.5%.

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