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Issues of labor migrants discussed at Kyrgyz Government

Issues of labor migrants discussed at Kyrgyz Government

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov received today chairman of the State Migration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic Medetbek Aidaraliev.

The press service of the Kyrgyz Government reported that, during the meeting the Prime Minister stressed the special need to conduct close work to protect the rights and improve the situation of labor migrants in cooperation with the relevant state bodies of the country and the diasporas of compatriots abroad.

Chairman of the State Migration Service Medetbek Aidaraliev reported on the results of work for 2017 and the nearest plans of the department, as well as informed about issues of external and internal migration.

He also said that the department is considering all issues raised during the meeting of the head of government with compatriots in the city of Moscow of the Russian Federation in September this year. In addition, he said, negotiations are under way with the relevant services to extend the terms of renewal of labor contracts up to 30 days in the territory of the Russian Federation and the possibility of registration at the place of work, and not at the place of residence on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union member countries.

Aidaraliev added that within the framework of the implementation of the governmental program 40 Steps to a New Era, the department is working on implementing the national initiative "Meken-kard", which will create more favorable conditions for visiting compatriots living abroad.

Moreover, they are working to launch a portal, where every citizen who is abroad will have the opportunity to apply to the Kyrgyz Migration Service for consultations.

"The portal will work in Kyrgyz, Russian and English ​​so that not only our compatriots, but also citizens of other states located on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, could receive the necessary information," Aidaraliev said.

Isakov noted the need for extensive information work among compatriots to increase awareness of the possibility of obtaining government services from a distance: filling out individual documents and certificates through the electronic portal of public services

In addition, he instructed to strengthen the work on legal support for compatriots abroad. At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that one of the most pressing problems of compatriots remains a low level of awareness of the rights of labor migrants and migration legislation, and therefore instructed the State Migration Service to step up work in this direction.

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