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Kyrgyzstan ranks 76th in Gender Gap Index

Kyrgyzstan ranks 76th among 145 countries on political empowerment in the Global Gender Gap Index, the press service of the National Institute of Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic reports.

Kyrgyzstan took 80th place in the subindex of economic participation and opportunity, 81st in acquisition of education, and 79th in the health and survival.

Iceland is leading the Gender Gap Index and Yemen is in the last place. Belarus is a leader among the countries of the EEU, taking 34th place. Then Kazakhstan with its 47th place. Russia is one place ahead of Kyrgyzstan, ranking 75th, and Armenia is on the 105th place.

Gender Gap Index (The Global Gender Gap Index) - a global study in terms of gender equality. It was first presented to the World Economic Forum in 2006 as the basis for coverage of magnitude of gender differences, and tracking its progress. In 2016 there was published the tenth edition of the index, which allows to analyze the changes in the indices in the world and to make comparisons between countries and within them.

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