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Ethnic center to be created at entrance to Balykchi town

An ethnic center will be created at the spot of ecological post at the entrance to Balykchi town, representative of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry Mirslav Amankulov said.

The ecological post does not work, its activity was discontinued in 2013. That is why it was decided to create an ethnic center at a spot of the ecological post.

The center will be designed in a shape of a white ship; there will be a museum inside of it. Also, it is planned to construct monuments of the Kyrgyz prominent people, Amankulov noted.

The entrance to the museum will be paid; this will bring benefit both to the region and tourists, Amankulov added.

Now the ethnic center is being designed by Kyrgyz architects. As soon as the project's design is completed, the ecological post will be reconstructed.

The project will be funded by Issyk-Kul region local government and the Issyk-Kul Biosphere Territory.

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