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Minimum cost of living in regional dormitories amounts to $5 per month

Minimum payment for living in university dormitories in regions of Kyrgyzstan is about $5, and the maximum payment, which includes two meals a day is about $26 per month.

Jalal-Abad State University offers its students two options of housing: a dormitory located in the city center - $6.5, in the microdistricts - $5.4. Foreigners normally pay $100 for 10 months. Currently, about 600 students reside in the dormitory.

Osh State University has 8 blocks, which are home to more than 1,600 students. There students pay $76 for a year.

Issyk-Kul State University's dormitory also accepts students from other schools. Students pay for 5 months in advance. Students normally pay about $7 dollars per month. The second floor of the dormitory is being rehabilitated now.

Talas State University together with Yiyk Ata-Jurt fund opened separate dormitories for boys and girls.

The university does not have a dormitory, but the building was allocated to the Yiyk Ata-Jurt Fund. With its help, the equipment was purchased. Now 70 girls live in this dormitory.

Students there are given two meals a day. They pay about $26 per month for accommodation. The Public Fund monitors the boys' dormitory.

Students of Naryn State University pay $5 per month.

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