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Vice Prime Minister Damira Niyazaliyeva visits Bishkek city medical institutions

Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Damira Niyazaliyeva visited Bishkek city clinical hospital No. 6, perinatal center No. 4, and the ambulance station on January 2, the press service of the Kyrgyz Government reported.

During a visit to the city clinical hospital No. 6, Niyazaliyeva met with the staff and patients, who were undergoing treatment in the medical facility. She attended one of the hospital rooms and got acquainted with the conditions of sick people treatment.

There is a complicated situation in the cardiology department of the hospital No. 6, which has to receive the patients from different regions, regardless their place of residence. Due to the lack of the hospital beds, patients have to wait in line and receive their treatment in the hospital corridors, Niyazaliyeva noted.

At the same time, the building located near the hospital, which is designed for 100 people, was transferred to the private rental. This is the main problem, which needs to be solved. Over the past years, the population of the city has increased significantly, but there is the same number of places in the city hospitals, Niyazaliyeva added.

Then, the Vice Prime Minister visited the city perinatal center No. 4, where several cases of death in childbirth occurred recently. Niyazaliyeva noted that there was no modern equipment and sufficient conditions for mothers and newborn children.

After that, she visited the ambulance station in Bishkek, where she got acquainted with the working conditions of doctors.

Following her meeting, Damira Niyazaliyeva instructed to submit proposals on providing medical workers with insurance. In addition, she requested relevant agencies to address the problems, which have been identified in the course of her visit to Bishkek medical institutions.

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