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Prime Minister presents certificates of appreciation to World Nomad Games organizers

Prime Minister Joomart Otorbayev took part in the the World Nomad Games organizers' awarding ceremony, where they were awarded for their contribution to the organization of the tourism festival on December 18, the press service of the government reported.

This year, Kyrgyzstan has hosted many important events, and the World Nomad Games have a special place among them, Otorbayev noted.

"It was the first time when our country hosted the event of such magnitude. Leaders of the neighboring countries noted that we got to organize the event on a very good level," he said.

The Prime Minister also reminded the audience that the event was held at the initiative of Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev, which was announced in 2011. "Thanks to the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and Turkish-speaking countries support, we were able to prepare and carry out the tourist festival in short time," Otorbayev added.

The Prime Minister thanked those, who were involved in organizing and conducting of the World Nomad Games, and presented them government's certificates of appreciation.

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